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oil change

  1. Oil change in 2007 Gallardo Spyder

    I know there are already how to articles out there on changing the oil in a Gallardo. However, I wanted to post my pictures for anyone else who may be specifically looking to do this on a 2007 as some of the pictures from what I found online varied slightly from my configuration. This is not...
  2. 04 Gallardo Oil Drain Plug Stripped

    Hey all, Was doing an oil change on the 04 Gallardo, found the the drain plug on the bottom of engine to be overtorqued (not the one closest to the rear) I used a T50 but was not able to get it of. Now its stripped, I could always just fill in oil and take it to the shop no problem but just...
  3. First oil change on brand new Aventador

    Hello all,:wave: Sorry, noob question: How many miles would you recommend to change oil for the first time? Is it better to change oil for the fist 1k miles to remove all the mechanical debris in the oil, or it's not necessary? Is it possible to DIY? I have lift at home and I use to do most...