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  1. Lifelong Dreamer About To Become Owner!

    Dreamers Forum
    Warning: This post is kind of long! . . . Hello Dreamers and Owners, So a lot has happened in my life, mostly positive, since my first post in 2015. Here's a quick timeline to get you guys up to speed... 2015: I'm in high school dreaming of buying a Gallardo and messaging everyone on this...
  2. Tips/Heads up for first time Aventador owner

    Hey guys, New to the forum and Lamborghini ownership in general. However, I've had decent exposure to the brand & have driven most of the cars. I truly do love these cars and am a Lambo guy at heart, and I'm about to take delivery of my first Lambo next week and am looking for some insight...
  3. Considering buy what are your opinions

    General Lamborghini Related Discussion
    I am currently actively looking for a 2013-2014 Gallardo and found a 2013 2013 Lamborghini Gallardo LP 550-2 with 33,500 miles on it what are your opinions on the car. Does anyone here have any with this amount or more miles and what are some issues you have ran into with owning the car. All...
  4. Need info for my Gallardo spyder

    Hi all. Just took delivery of a clean, low mileage '06 spyder. Have questions. While inspecting car, garage man accidently lowered rear window. We don't know how to raise it again; my owners manual doesn't cover this. It also doesn't say how to lower or raise the top. Help. I hope this shows...