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murcielago exhaust

  1. Murcielago OEM Secondary Catalytic Converters (cats)

    For sale are both OEM secondary exhaust catalytic converters (murcielago secondary cats). Both are in excellent condition. Used for 10k miles. From a 2004 US Murcielago. No gaskets or screws included. Price: $3000 + Shipping FIRM. They retail for $6,600 from bullstuff. Trades: Toss out...
  2. Murcielago Roadster Too Loud?

    General Lamborghini Related Discussion
    Recently purchased 08 murci roadster, balloon white. Found out after delivery that the car has an upgraded exhaust system with straight pipes. Initial reaction was "Sick! just got a $3k present.." but after driving the car for more than 20 min my head is POUNDING. I know most people would say...
  3. 2005 Murcie Roadster Tips

    Hey All, Just purchased my first Murcie last week. I really like the stock exhaust tips but I'd like to get them polished or chromed. Any one ever do this? I'm really looking forward to the Lambo community.