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  1. Lowering your Gallardo? Check out our solution..

    Hi everyone! This past week we lowered our Gallardo. JRZ Suspension graciously helped us out with this project and sponsored us with the amazing RS PRO kit. We have put together a video reviewing the product and discussing the install. Please watch the video and let us know your thoughts. We...
  2. Custom Aventador Modifications

    So I'm nearly done with my custom modifications and thought I'd share some of my great experiences. After nearly a year, Neal at Euroteckmotorsports came through big time by making me a custom carbon fiber hood as per my design instructions. They can custom model and forge anything you design...
  3. Remove rear window on coupe?

    Is it possible to remove the rear window in an elegant way on a MY14 coupe? I'd love to get more of an open-air feeling, but even more importantly/needingly looking for an increased aural experience. So much of the symphony is playing out the back, and not enough music is making its way into...
  4. \ VF760 Supercharger catalog: Download yours today /

    Our latest Gallardo VF760 Supercharger catalogs are now available for download. **UPDATE** High Resolution catalog now available for direct download: Click here Click here to enquire We are available anytime to assist. p: 714-528-0066 e: [email protected]
  5. FS: Lamborghini Gallardo Complete Twin Turbo Kit!!!

    Like the title says, I have a new complete twin turbo kit for the 2004-2008 body Lamborghini Gallardo. I bought it for my yellow one before I totaled it and have been sitting on it for almost a year...It's got to go. Anyone me for more details.