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  1. Aventador
    Hey everyone, I’m not a Lamborghini owner, yet, but I’m a technician that works at a shop that works on these cars. In the shop we have a 2012 Aventador that’s showing multiple codes and not starting, the starter kicks on and the fuel primes but there’s no start. It’s showing 2 U codes and 1 P...
  2. Gallardo
    Hello all! I am in the Chicagoland area and need recommendations for shops to work on my Lamborghinis and for inspections for buying/selling. The Lamborghini dealership in Downers Grove does not do PPIs and charges tons for labor and I have had a few miserable experiences at Fluid Motorunion...
  3. General Lamborghini Related Discussion
    Hey guys , I drive my car on a regular basis and never have issues with it . It’s a 18 580 Today I was driving for about a hour parked and when I came back I turned my car on everything seemed normal … as soon as I pulled out of the Parking lot onto the road I accelerated and my engine stopped...
  4. Murcielago
    HI COMMUNITY , I need to change the clutch in my Murci E- Gear in Florida i know some lambo mechanics, but i would like to ask you to suggest me some options. Some people also told me about some dealers with mechanical workshops such as “European exotic center“ do you have experience? Thank...
  5. Gallardo
    Thank you so much for looking at my message. In the next few months I will finally realize my dream and will be purchasing a 2007-2009 Gallardo! My situation is a bit unique as I know nothing about cars. I don't even know how to put oil in my wife's Mercedes! That being said, a few years ago...
  6. Murcielago
    HI FORUM : I have a 2006 Murcielago I live in Miami and I am looking for a mechanic, around my area deeply knowledgeable, passionate,qualified for this model not with crazy prices THANK YOU SO MUCH
  7. Huracan
    Hello guys, I have an Lamborghini Aventador where the wiper blades are hitting each other. When I push them with my hands I can push them up and down over the window. It looks like they are not stuck, but the nut is screwed down. Has anyone ever seen this before and what was the problem...
  8. Gallardo
    I have a 2004 Gallardo. Have always serviced it with Brian at Supercar Speciaist. He is no longer in business has closed his shop in Scottsdale. Any recommendations on where to take the car for regualar maintenance service other than the Dealership in Scottsdale?
1-8 of 8 Results