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  1. Model Specific Discussions
    Hi All, Just picked up a MY18 Huracan lp610-4 in Australia and am really chuffed :) This is my first post as well. Was interested to get all your views on whether you think the huracan 610-4 will appreciate in value over the next 5 years? My thinking is the Huracan will be the last N/A v10...
  2. Dreamers Forum
    Hello, Great forum, I'm new here and I am interested in purchasing my first Lamborghini and first exotic car. My thinking is to start with a used model instead of purchasing new. I've been doing some research on dealer's used inventory and have seen a range of pricing. I'm skeptical of...
  3. Huracan
    First post on this forum :wave:, wanted to inquire on what sort of prices I should expect when shopping for a Huracan. I'm seeing a lot of people say that the dealers are accepting 15k off or similar amounts. The exact car in question is a black on black 2015 with 1k miles. Its list price is...
1-3 of 3 Results