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manual transmission

  1. FS: Gallardo 2005 (Nero Noctis) Gated 6 Speed MT

    Gallardo 2005 VIN: ZHWGU11M55LA02613 Exterior Black (Nero Noctis) Interior Tan Green Manifold and Calipers Manual Transmission (Gated 6 Speed) 3 Owner Balboni signed All service at Lamborghini Miami 2 Brand New Pirelli P ZERO tires (Front) Small rear driver side fender bender, repaired by...
  2. what would you pay for a manual 2003 Murcielago with 24K miles?

    Let's assume squeaky clean carfax, few owners, no mods, perfect service records only at an authorized Lambo dealer, new clutch and excellent overall condition.
  3. Murcielago for sale. 6 speed gated manual transmission JUST SERVICED.

    I’m looking to sell my Lamborghini Murcielago to free up some money for an investment. I will likely turn around and purchase a used Gallardo with a majority of the money and invest the remainder. This car is in exceptional condition. It just had a complete engine out service with new clutch...