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  1. LP640 Roadster @Lambo Dallas - Anyone know about this car?

    Hey guys, I’m looking to get my first Lamborghini and decided to go for an LP640. Current toys I have a Viper with a 9.0L and heads and cam, a GT3RS, and CTS-V. Trading in the GT3RS for the LP640 roadster at Lambo Dallas. Trying to find out as much about the LP640 as possible. 5 years ago it...
  2. Lamborghini huracan lp640-4 performante parts for sale

    Hello all, We here at Silverlake Automotive Recycling have acquired a Lamborghini Huracan that due to the insurance category, must be broken for parts. We are based in Shedfield, England. However, we do offer delivery worldwide! If you would like to enquire about any parts, best place to...
  3. Straight Piped LP640 and Superleggera Terrorize Downtown LA: Effspot

    Hey guys! and I just shot a video with our friend @effspot in DTLA. The cars were echoing off all the buildings (and videos don't do it justice)... but it was just so much fun and sounded like an old F1 racetrack downtown this past week one night haha :D Thought you guys might...
  4. LP640, Rear fog light on USA cars inop

    I have a 2008 LP640 and recently realized that my rear fog light switch was not working...I’ve never used it! Despite my manual saying that it should be working, the dealer is telling me that it was disabled for USA cars and is non-functional. Before I spend $1500 for a new switch cluster can...
  5. Couple Good Recent LP640 YouTube Videos (effspot) - My Balloon White Car

    Hey guys! Here are two recent videos featuring my LP640 in California. Bone stock, but the exhaust still sounds great! Second video the car is featured in the last couple minutes: Straight pipes should be ready second week of April. Can't wait!! Alex
  6. My New 2007 Balloon White LP640 Murcielago!!

    Hey guys! Well, the search is over :). After passing on two Gated LP640 cars over the last 6-months, this Balloon White 2007 E-Gear LP640 came up and was too good for me to pass on!! Kevin (@KMY on the forums) sold me the car. We had been talking since November off-market, before he went...
  7. WTB: Low mileage Murcielago LP640 for <$160k

    WTB: Low mileage Murcielago first gen or LP640 for <$160k I'm a guy in his 30's who was recently diagnosed with a rare terminal disease, so it's either now or never to buy my dream car. There are a few on the market right now that meet my budget, though I feel I would be compromising on color...
  8. Added a 2009 LP640 to the stable!

    After dreaming of owning a V12 Lamborghini, that dream became a reality a few weeks ago..... :cool: Say hello to my 2009 Lamborghini Murcielago LP640 finished off in Arancio Atlas! :) :wave: Celebratory dinner.... Parked next to her Japanese sister.... :evil:
  9. WTB: Murcielago or 2008 Gallardo SL

    Hi all, In the market for a clean Murcielago. Would prefer a gated pre-LP car or LP640 coupe but would be willing to look at other specs. All mileage accepted, just looking for a well maintained car. Cash buyer located in Miami FL. Also interested in a 2008 Gallardo SL in black with full carbon...
  10. Murcielago LP640 - Low Voltage

    Recently got an LP640, when you turn the ignition on its reading 11.5v and can drop to 10.9v before you start the engine. Battery charger reads 14.1v when fully charged but drops instantly when you turn the ignition on. Car starts fine and reads 14.1v when running but getting some electrical...
  11. Lp 640 - lowered seats

    Hi everyone Finally went to test out an LP640 Roadster in Dubai where I live yesterday at "Exotic Cars" - I'm 192cm tall and would like if it were possible to completely remove the "rails" under the seat and fix the seat to the ground? - any one ever done that or know of a system where it is...
  12. FOR SALE: 2009 Lamborghini Murcielago Hermera OEM Wheels and tires LP640

    FOR SALE: 2009 Lamborghini Murcielago Hermera OEM Wheels and tires LP640 Lamborghini Murcielago Hermera OEM original Wheels tire LP640 LP650 LP670 Diablo Out of: 2009 LP640 with 16k miles Condition: Used in GREAT condition, tires still have a lot of tread left Wheel Specs: Fronts: 8.5 x 18...
  13. LP 640 2007 Warning Light

    I was driving the car, all temperatures good, oil pressure good, car running fine and the 'check engine' light came on, followed by the ' Engine L R' light. No issues with the car but the lights won't reset. Any ideas other than a trip to the dealer. Exhaust is the standard fitment.
  14. Finished Off a Record Year :)

    Exotic Clutch Technologies
    I keep most of the summaries of many of our various projects limited to our Facebook page, so if you're not already one of the 21,000+ folks keeping up with us on there, you can click that link to take a peak. We wrapped up 2014 as another record year, so thanks for all of you guys support...
  15. More Clutch Action, Exhaust Installs, and OEM Parts Sales

    Exotic Clutch Technologies
    We've been on a roll the last two weeks with Gallardo clutch sales, Murci clutch sales, some random builds, more bespoke x-pipe exhaust goodness, and helping out more folks as a one-stop shop for their ancillary OEM parts needs with plenty of $$ savings there. Anyways, here are some pics from...
  16. Gallardo's, Gallardo's, OEM Parts Sales, and More Gallardo's

    Exotic Clutch Technologies
    One thing I haven't been on a roll with the past couple of months has been making posts in our section of the forum. Some things we have been on a roll with are ECT clutch assembly sales, especially for Gallardo's lately, as well as OEM parts sales. So, below are some random pictures from...
  17. Gloss black murcielago lp640 wheels and tires

    !!SOLD!! I have a set of OEM Gloss Black Murcielago LP640 wheels and tires for sale. These wheels were mounted on the car for 2000 miles and have been sitting in storage ever since. The fronts wheels are 18X8.5 et. 58mm and the rears are 18X13 et. 14.5. Hub bore of 70.1. They come with Pirelli...
  18. Twin Turbo R8, Gallardo's, and Murci's galore

    Exotic Clutch Technologies
    Sorry for not taking the time to update the forum as consistently as has been done in the past. The good news is, it comes as a result of crushing it in business the last few months. So, a big thank you to all of our awesome customers for that! It seems the average invoice these days includes...
  19. Hemerra wheel question.

    Wheels and Tires
    I picked up two hemerra style wheels hoping to eventually put together a full set unfortunately I can not seem to find any information on these wheels. They are not factory speedline wheels and they are from what the rep at Alcoa said the serial number doesn't match up with the one they...
  20. The Good, bad, and the ugly

    Dreamers Forum
    Hi guys! New forum member here. I recently graduated real estate school, so I'm officially starting my long journey toward Lamborghini ownership! (and I work 2 regular jobs, applying for my 3rd soon so I've been saving my quarters for a while lol :p) What I'm after is either an LP640 (not an...