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lp640 clutch

  1. LP640 Roadster @Lambo Dallas - Anyone know about this car?

    Hey guys, I’m looking to get my first Lamborghini and decided to go for an LP640. Current toys I have a Viper with a 9.0L and heads and cam, a GT3RS, and CTS-V. Trading in the GT3RS for the LP640 roadster at Lambo Dallas. Trying to find out as much about the LP640 as possible. 5 years ago it...
  2. ECT Kevlar Lamborghini Murcielago LP640 -- Shipped to South America

    Exotic Clutch Technologies
    Last month we wrapped up yet another Murcielago clutch build. This one is an ECT Kevlar clutch assembly for the newer LP640 series of Murcielago and was shipped out of the country to South America. We started the build from a brand new OEM Lamborghini clutch. We also sent him an "install kit"...