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  1. Looking for a Huracan

    I'm looking to get a Huracan ASAP. I'm open to almost anything. Please let me know what you have. Call/text 8I8-252-8552
  2. FS: Loaded 2018 LP580 SPYDER, 3200 miles, $217k

    Gigio Lynx ,Nero Ade 3200 miles Bay Area, CA Got it Sep 17 2018. Warranty till Sep 17 2021 Also has dealer installed skid plates and clear front bra (around another 2k) No modifications , all stock. please see pic for list options MSRP 255,595
  3. Pricing on the Huracan, Down Payment and Concerns

    So I wasn't really in the market for Huracan until my dealer called me and said they had just gotten a few in. My question is, what's a good price for them, or I should say what are you guys getting quoted and/are paying on the street for them? My dealer got one in MSRP 248k and they're giving...