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  1. Gallardo
    Just did the RWD conversion w/ swapping to Swift Springs. LOVE everything, BUT notice a bit more 'jounce' than expected in the front. Swift apparently has only one part# for ALL LP Gallardo models. That would suggest they may perform differently in RWD to AWD models. Spring rate not quite...
  2. Gallardo
    Yes, we all love the SL style wing in its' many forms available for the Gallardo. It makes sense, attaches in the factory location, and completes the look...... but how about something different for a change. I understand this is difficult because we are a small niche to begin with, and not...
  3. Cars For Sale or Wanted
  4. Cars For Sale or Wanted
    I've had it for sale for close to 90 days, and I've gotten many full price offers at 130K when I initially listed it. But it seems everyone is all talk, because none of the deals have come to fruition. Ideally I'd like 128k but honestly any price in the 120's I'm open to. Ready to sale today...
  5. Gallardo
    Does anyone have any experience with Syvecs S12 PNP ECU for the LP 560-4? Looking to potentially purchase one for my car, but I am curious if anyone has any experience with it.
  6. Cars For Sale or Wanted
    I am selling my '09 Lamborghini Gallardo LP 560-4. Asking $85,000. This yellow beast has an E-gear transmission with only 20k miles. The interior is black with yellow stitching. Well maintained with plenty of clutch left. I originally bought it with a Salvage title when it had only about 7k...
  7. Cars For Sale or Wanted
    Deleted Deleted this post.
  8. Gallardo
    Hello All I am about to purchase a 2010 Gallardo LP560-4 Spyder. Is there anything in particular to look out for? I have already requested a SNAP test be performed and the official dealer to inspect the vehicle. Besides the clutch, mechanic parts such as the lifter and retractable roof, are...
  9. Cars For Sale or Wanted
    Hello, I am looking to sell both of my Lamborghini's. 2016 Aventador SV LP 750-4 SV 2011 Gallardo LP 560-4 Serious Inquiries only will provide full specs and prices upon request. Please no daydreamers
  10. Gallardo
    I love the engine sound in this clip :D .
  11. Dreamers Forum
    i finally got a ride in a Lamborghini Gallardo LP640-4! It was an awesome experience and has made me even more motivated to work hard enough to be able to afford one. I wasn't allowed to film inside the car but here is a video of it revving and accelerating :)...
  12. Gallardo
    Just bought a superleggera front bumper, and auto hide front plate for it. Should I wrap the roof in gloss black? Here are some pics I found online.
  13. Cars For Sale or Wanted
    THIS WAS A USA CAR!!! UPDATE! Brand New set of Michelin Pilot Super Sport Tires just installed. COST $2,500.00! Not even 330 km's on them. BEST LAMBO DEAL! MAKING WAY FOR NEW ONE!!!!! Your chance to get the best Gallardo deal. $168,000.00 CDN!!!!!! AWESOME CAR AWESOME PRICE! Very well cared for...
  14. Lamborghini Video Links
    Instructional lapping at Mosport International Raceway
1-15 of 20 Results