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  1. 2013 Lamborghini Gallardo LP550-2 (motivated seller)

    I've had it for sale for close to 90 days, and I've gotten many full price offers at 130K when I initially listed it. But it seems everyone is all talk, because none of the deals have come to fruition. Ideally I'd like 128k but honestly any price in the 120's I'm open to. Ready to sale today...
  2. Capristo Valved Exhaust System - Gallardo LP550, LP560, & LP570

    I have an essentially brand new Capristo valved exhaust system for the LP series Gallardos up for sale. Just removed from a 2009 LP560 and in perfect shape. - It was on my car for approximately 2500 miles - It is still under warranty until June 2019 - Cost brand new is $6900 - More information...
  3. LP560 Lowering - Input Needed on VelocityAP Springs

    Hi Everyone, We're just starting development on our LP560 lowering springs, for cars equipped with lift. Like all our springs will feature a progressive rate spring, achieved by using a tapered spring rod, to preserve ride quality despite the drop. On the Huracan we ended up going with 25mm...
  4. 2012 LP550-2 Radio

    Does anyone have a stock 2012 LP550-2 radio that they would like to sell? Or does anyone know anyone who can get parts at a discount from Lamborghini? I bought my Lambo with an aftermarket sound system. It sounds awesome but its just to cumbersome to use. I want to go back to the stock radio and...
  5. LP550 / LP560 Manual 6-speed gearshifts vid

    I love the engine sound in this clip :D .
  6. FS: 2011 Lamborghini LP550-2

    Time to let this baby go, not desperate by any means but would love to have it gone before colder weather hits! Late 2011 Lamborghini LP550-2 Grigio Lynx Alcantra Seats with yellow stiching Carbon Fiber Interior E-GEAR 1 Owner (title in hand) Purchased from Lamborghini of Washington and still...
  7. RSC Tuning & Lamborghini of Miami 2013 LP550 Build Thread

    So.... we just picked up this baby last week. What a leap forward from the Gallardo Spyder we had before. Shifting is much improved, steering feels lighter and more responsive, and that extra power and reduced weight make a big difference to the acceleration. We're wasting no time with this...
  8. LP550, LP560 aftermarket exhaust

    So I have been looking on this site and others, including YouTube to see what the different exhaust sound like on the LP cars. There r plenty of sound bites on the earlier models but scarce on the LP series. Can we get some input on what people have heard or have and their impression, as well...