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lp 570-4

  1. Final, final FINAL Gallardo debut at Frankfurt Auto show!

    May want to just skip to end to hear that engine! What a sound! Intoxicating! OK, I'm off to make a CD filled with just Squadra Corse sounds! Use for my next 2020. :)
  2. LP 570-4 Superleggera in a Tuxedo

    General Lamborghini Related Discussion
    Talk about classy--I love my 2008 Superleggera but I have to say this 2010 LP 570-4 in a tux with pomp and circumstance is appealing. Can never really get tired of the roar of this V10 either... This never gets boring watching it in action. :D
  3. Sexi White BEAST on Location

    This is probably my next favorite Raging bull in the V10 line... During my recent stint at HQ, this beast greeted me--and beckoned :D The Spyder Performante is one hot ride and love it in this color combination. Still, its second in line to the coupe, but still hot! Next time, I need to...