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  1. Parts/Other For Sale or Wanted
    LOC (Lamborghini Orange County) Rev 5 Gallardo exhaust for sale. This exhaust was installed on my 2006 Gallardo coupe when I purchased it. Located in Toronto Canada Asking $1400
  2. Wheels and Tires
    Gents, been on reading this forum for a long time and recently joined the owner's club :wave:. Wondering if those drivers out there with 20" wheels could share their experience? More prone to getting dents, harsher ride, fender rubbing? I'm driving an 06 Spyder (gated:)), and was thinking of...
  3. Gallardo
    I came across a great priced used tubi exhaust system to replace my fab speed cat back pipes. I'm keeping my fabsoeed test/cat delete pipes on the car. My question is, would you get a great priced tubi or wait for a loc system to come along. I've had my mind set on loc but I found a great deal...
  4. Parts/Other For Sale or Wanted
    Looking for used or really good deal on LOC cat back system. already have cat bypass pipe just need this system to finish off the sound I am looking for. Open to all options. Let me know what you have!
  5. Gallardo
    I have a 2005 gallardo that I put a Lamborghini Of Orange County Exhaust on and ever since then I have had to replace the same O2 sensor 7 times in 4 years! It is always the same exact sensor - Bank 1, Sensor 2 My local lamborghini dealership just laughs at me every time I bring it in because I...
  6. Gallardo
    So I was getting some engine lights which came from a sticky valve on my loc rev 5 exhaust. Anyone know how to fix this? I just sprayed oil on it and grease but it still is a bit sticky.
  7. Gallardo
    hi everyone, This topic might be covered before but Im unable to find though. There are so many places to buy an orange county exhaust with different price range for example price is $3799 from Newport beach lamborghini & it's $2999 from lambostuff. Anyone know who is genuine or both are...
  8. Classifieds
    Hey all, just bought a 04' Gallardo. Want to put on a performance exhaust. Looking to buy either Tubi, Larini, LOC, Kreissig. Any recommendations? Also please let me know if you have one laying around that you would like to sell. Thanks.
1-8 of 8 Results