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  1. Murcielago headlight new

    Hi, if anyone is interested I have this OEM Murcielago headlight lying around at home , and thought it would be better to pass it on to someone who needs it, rather then it picking up dust.:P. It is brand new,OEM, By HELLA not even fitted. I got it to replace my entire headlight, fogging issue...
  2. New G owner with a few questions

    New G owner, car is dying Hey guys/gals, I've had my 04 G 6spd for a little over a month and have had a few things go wrong on me. Was wondering if anyone here could point me in the right direction seeing the nearest Lambo dealer is 6 hours away. Ive listed them in priority hahaha 1) My G...
  3. 07 Gallardo Hazards Won't Shut Off..HELP!!

    My 07 Gallardo Spyder had a lighting control issue. Hazards wont't turn off, and my headlight come on every time i turn on the ignition. They wont shut off. I also do not have any power to my passenger side rear parking or back up light. I believe the issue started with a short in my parking...
  4. WTB Murcielago LP640 Taillights

    I need a set of taillights for a Murcielago LP640. Brand new or very clean for a reasonable price. post pics plz or email them to: [email protected]