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  1. Gallardo
    I was pulling into my garage after a quick 10 minute errand and out of nowhere I hear a shaking sound, almost like a loose "something" so I naturally put it in park and look under and in the engine and don't see anything abnormal. I start pulling forward and if I turn the wheel at all(left or...
  2. Aventador
    I got my Pirelli edition Aventador few months back and so far it has been at the dealer more than 4 times.
  3. Murcielago
    Went to change battery in 2006 Murci and noticed about a tablespoon puddle of thin slightly orange oil similar to power steering fluid has dripped from driver side of diffuser. I cannot find any leaks from hoses/pipes nearby. After removing the rear driver tire I also saw the liquid has also...
  4. Gallardo
    Hi All, I have a 04 Gallardo. Ive had it for 5 months and its been running a dream.... The other day I opened the garage and once I got the car out I found a small stain on the floor, obviously fluid of some kind, probably 8 inches wide. It seems to be coming from the mid-rear part of the...
  5. Gallardo
    So about a month ago I reported that I wasn't being able to change gears in my manual. It was air in the system, and since I had just purchased the car I had a full service completed, all fluids replaced. Noticed that the symptoms were starting to appear so I bled the clutch, had a very nice...
1-5 of 5 Results