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  1. Parts
    Make a fair offer and it’s yours! Selling a like-new, perfect working condition Actia XS+ and two OBD II Cables (work with Murcielago from 2008 on, Pre-LP Gallardo, and LP Gallardo). When I say “like new” I mean it. It even comes with the box, etc. This is the extremely hard to find adapter...
  2. Gallardo
    Hi All, My lamborghini dealer just sent me info on the egear snap for a 2012 LP550-2. It was done through LaRA. Mileage 14000 Clutch Closed Position: 20.3mm Clutch Closed Position (Learned): 21.8mm The wear is 1.5mm. What do I make out of this? Good or bad? Any insight would be much appreciated!
1-2 of 2 Results