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  1. Anything and Everything
    Hello guys, I know this sounds crazy, but I'm looking for a single Lamborghini series rim (With or without P-Zero). I want to design a table of it, for my little cousin, who is almost as Lamborghini-fanatic as i am, as a birthdaypresent. It will have a illuminatet glass top (you can see the...
  2. Gallardo
    Hey Guys, Traded the (Beloved and missed) 07 Gallardo Spyder into Lambo Las Vegas for the 2011 570-4 SL. I have a nearly new set of HRE 598R wheels and nearly new P-Zeros for sale. 19" and 20". Attached at pics (hopefully) Shoreline motoring quoted me $10,000+ for these wheels and tires. They...