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lambo gallardo clutch

  1. Another Gallardo clutch HT300 by Hi Tech Exotic shipped to Australia

    We wanted to thank Todd in Australia for getting our HT300 Gallardo clutch. He wanted to get a clutch that would last longer than a stock/factory clutch. Our HT300 Gallardo clutch lasts up to 300% longer than a stock clutch. He had read all the feedbacks from our customers at Lambo-talk but he...
  2. Another Happy Hi Tech Exotic Lamborghini Gallardo clutch customer

    Hi Tech Exotic
    We wanted to thank Chris for purchasing our Gallardo Kevlar clutch. Chris wanted to get a clutch that lasts longer than a stock clutch and drives like an OEM clutch. We told him that our HT300 Kevlar clutch lasts 300% longer than a stock clutch. So he decided to get our HT300. Since HT300 last...
  3. DIY Lamborghini Gallardo clutch Kevlar kit by Hi Tech Exotic is Outstanding

    Hi Tech Exotic
    To all you guys I know there are other threads out there regarding clutch replacement on the Gallardo. I can highly recommend Sean @ Hi Tech Exotics on his very well manufactured Kevlar clutch assembly. The clutch replacement took about 7 days from time of order and shipped to Australia straight...