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  1. DIY Lamborghini Troy installs Hi Tech Exotic Kevlar Murcielago clutch

    Hi Tech Exotic
    We wanted to thank Lamborghini Troy in Michigan for installing our Murcielago Kevlar clutch. Our customer was very happy with their service. You can call Matt at Lamborghini Troy for our Kevlar clutch installation. We also wanted to thank Darin for purchasing our Murcielago Kevlar clutch for...
  2. Another happy Hi Tech Exotic Gallardo Kevlar clutch customer

    Hi Tech Exotic
    We wanted to thank Tony for purchasing our Kevlar clutch and our exhaust system. He was so happy that he made a video for us. More of our happy customers:
  3. Hi Tech Exotic Kevlar Gallardo LP560 clutch shipped to France

    Hi Tech Exotic
    We wanted to thank Laurent in France for purchasing our Gallardo LP560 Kevlar clutch. He wanted a clutch that lasts longer than a stock clutch. He also wanted a clutch that can handle going in reverse better. As you all know, E-gear has a tough time handling the reverse gear and it slips a lot...
  4. Another Hi Tech Exotic Kevlar Gallardo clutch shipped to Australia

    Hi Tech Exotic
    We are happy to say that we have shipped another Hi Tech Exotic Kevlar Gallardo clutch to Australia. Our customer has a 2007 Gallardo with E-gear. He wanted to get a clutch that lasts longer than an OEM. He also wanted to make sure that the engagement is smooth. So we put him in contact with...
  5. Kevlar or OEM...

    I took my Spyder 6 Speed in for a TOB replacement and it might need the clutch replaced, a much higher expense than what I was expecting. So is getting the Kevlar clutch worth it in the long run, specifically Hi-Tech. Has anybody had issues with the Hi-Tech clutch. I have read plenty of forum...
  6. The ECT 2-page duPont Registry Spread

    Exotic Clutch Technologies
    So, we don't usually do much with the way of print-ad for advertising, but if there is going to be a pretty targeted group for doing this with, duPont Registry would have to be it. So, we decided to do a full 2-page spread in the 2014 Exotic Car Buyers Guide. It will be on stands in stores...
  7. ECT Kevlar Murcielago Clutch Assembly -- 2005 E-gear

    Exotic Clutch Technologies
    We had the opportunity to work with Knoxville Performance and Dyno on a 2005 Murcielago E-gear clutch swap. This car is using our ECT Kevlar assembly with proprietary segmented Kevlar clutch disc. They went ahead and picked up a throw out bearing and related parts as well. On the Murci/Gallardo...
  8. Pega clutch scam fraud alert

    Hi Tech Exotic
    I was looking at Pega clutch/GTE Engineering website. I wanted to know if they have any feedback form any customers. They only had one feedback from a Gallardo owner. After reading couple of lines, I realized that this is my positive feedback, not someone else. I have Hi Tech Exotic Kevlar...