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  1. Jalpa Gearbox teardown Pictures and Information

    Hey everyone, I trust all are well. So ive begun on the process of engine removal and transmission disassembly to get to my root of my transmission not shifting into 4th and 5th. Ive sent my Jalpa to a mechanic who is well known for working on older Ferraris, mostly 308s, but hes never worked...
  2. Jalpa Gearbox. Please help

    Hey everyone, i trust all are well. So ive been having issues with my jalpa shifting into 4th and 5th gear, and after checking the engine mounts and playing with the linkages, it seems the problem is in the gearbox. its shifting into all gears, except 4th and 5th. Its not making any wierd...
  3. Jalpa wont shift into 4th or 5th

    Hey everyone, I took my jalpa (DLA12066) for a ride today, and all seemed well for the first 30 min, it was shifting well into all gears, until suddenly i shifted into 4th, and noticed the shift was suspiciously easy, when i lifted off the clutch it had no gear. So 4th and 5th gear might as...
  4. Jalpa coming up for sale

    After some light re-commissioning following her winter rest, after 10 years of ownership I'm planning to sell my Jalpa this summer. First registered in late 1987 and having covered just over 44,000kms she is one of the few right hand drive models still around and is black with cream leather...
  5. Jalpa Refitting Radiator and System Bleeding

    Hi everyone! I trust all are well. I just got on holiday, and realised that my radiator was leaking again. It seems that one of the tanks were never sealed properly last time I had it done. However , Im going to try and reinstall the radiator myself, and was just hoping that i could get...
  6. Giving my baby some love

    Hey Everyone Its been a while since I've posted anything, the main reason being that ive been enjoying the hell out of my jalpa. However, I was fortunate enough to bump into a fellow jalpa owner, who told me that his car had just dropped an exhaust valve into the cylinder and is going to be out...
  7. Please Help . Jalpa snapped Alternator/Dizzy belt.

    Hi everyone So Ive been enjoying my jalpa for a while now, it seems i wa lucky enough to get a good one :D But on my last drive , as soon as I set off , I heard a huge pop from the engine bay ,as the car cut out. When I rolled over to the side , and opened the bonnet i found that the belt that...
  8. PLEASE HELP . first time Jalpa owner

    Hi there let me start out by introducing myself My name is Yash , and I recently bought a very neglected Lamborghini Jalpa. I'm unsure of what year the car is , but I can say that it does start and run. I've recently had the car delivered to me and have started to got through the to do list for...
  9. Hub centric diameter?

    I really dont want to pull my wheels of to check the center bore diameter, does anyone know for quick reference?
  10. Jalpa Transmission needed

    I was sold an 85 Jalpa that was supposed to have the engine and trans in a sealed crate, opened crate, no transmission. Does anyone have an engine and trans for a Jalpa? Is it the same as the Urraco?
  11. Jalpa brakes

    Another simple task that's proving to be more difficult than expected. In changing the front and rear pads on my 88 Jalpa I found that the spring clips were so badly corroded that they literally fell apart in my hands. However, I can't find any replacements - have tried several brake specialists...
  12. 12 Countaches lined up!!

    Lamborghini Video Links
    This is a site you don't see every day: 12 Lamborghini Countaches lined up, as well as Diablos, a Jalpa, Urraco, Espada, LM002, Ferrari's, and lots of the current models. The 3rd video shows the cars leaving the show, LOTS of amazing sounds! Chris