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  1. Anything and Everything
    Hey all, wondering if anyone else has experienced this. I've noticed the Whatsapp text alerts on my iPhone 11 stop working when I'm in my car. I used to have it paired with the car but when the Whatsapp text notification stopped working I turned off bluetooth and unpaired it even I have use this...
  2. Aventador
    I got my Pirelli edition Aventador few months back and so far it has been at the dealer more than 4 times.
  3. Diablo
    Seems this yellow Diab is always in a bad fix. Can anyone shed light on this problem, maybe someone here's had it before? To sum up the video, there's a mechanical issue with Dahm's '01 (Audi) VT. One side of the exhaust is much hotter than the other, the check...
1-3 of 3 Results