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  1. 350/400 GT
    Hello Everyone, I have been having a very difficult time locating the correct cloth woven A/C lines for the early Lamborghini's (Aeroquip 1540). We are looking for sizes -6, -8 and -10. Does anyone have a source for this hose or is anyone reproducing it? Any information would be greatly...
  2. 350/400 GT
    Hello Everyone, I am looking for the correct braided stainless material to remake the oil lines on the 400GT 2+2 we are working on. The hoses measure 20mm ID and 29mm OD and have an AN type insert, collar and end. Does anyone have a lead on somewhere that has this material? Thanks
  3. 350/400 GT
    Hello, I am looking for a piece of rear glass for a 400GT. If anyone has a used one in great shape or knows of a NOS piece or someone who reproduces them please let me know. Regards, Ryan
1-3 of 3 Results