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    2018 Lamborghini Performante Vin: ZHWUD4ZF3JLA09208 Miles: 8,500 Price: $475,000 Location: Salt Lake City, UT Selling a 1,500+hp Underground Racing built Performante in Blu Cepheus/Nero Cosmus for a friend. Over $350,000 in modifications! Highlight modifications are: -1,500+hp ‘Race Version 1+’...
  2. General Lamborghini Related Discussion
    Hey everyone, spent my weekend installing this Vorsteiner carbon fiber kit on my Huracan. Kit includes: 1. Splitter 2. Air intake bezels 3. Side skirts 4. Spoiler Took me a solid 2 days to do the install but totally worth it. Very happy with the outcome. Need to use my nose lift over everything...
  3. General Lamborghini Related Discussion
    Hey all, Hope you are doing well! I saw this forum and thought you would be the best people to ask for help in working out the chassis numbers of a few limited Lambos I've seen but stupidly forgotten to take note of at the time (I've only just started keeping track of what I've seen!) The...
  4. Huracan
    Hello All, I am looking to buy a Performante and wanted to see if anyone here would know someone that would be willing to sell. Also if there are some advise or pointers from people on spec and what to look out for in Performantes that would be great. Specs: Coupe Color: Blues: Le Mans, Blu...
  5. General Lamborghini Related Discussion
    In particular in the Aventador SVJ and Huracan Performante the engine is decentralized ( not in the axis of the car ) but I can't find the reason. Can someone please give me a detailed answer ? THX
  6. Driver’s View of the Huracán Performante .jpeg

    Driver’s View of the Huracán Performante .jpeg

    The Virtual Cockpit feels like a fighter jet
  7. Performante Interior for Arancio Boreali.jpeg

    Performante Interior for Arancio Boreali.jpeg

    Beautiful Interior of the 2019 Performante
  8. The Performante looking to hit the road.jpeg

    The Performante looking to hit the road.jpeg

    Driving my bad Mutha
  9. That beautiful Performante Rear End.jpeg

    That beautiful Performante Rear End.jpeg

    Baby Got Back Lmao
  10. Zoomed Out Performante at the House.jpeg

    Zoomed Out Performante at the House.jpeg

    Another view at home
  11. 2019 Performante at home.jpeg

    2019 Performante at home.jpeg

    First few days with my pride and joy at home
  12. Huracan
    I JUST picked up this beauty from Lamborghini Houston for 203,500 including a 1 year warranty. It has 4000 miles, clean car fax and was previously owned in Iowa. I'll be keeping it in Long Island, NY. What do you guys think of the deal? It is my first exotic. Came from a BMW M8 Competition. And...
  13. Cars
    Looking to buy one of each for both models. Don't care if Canadian or US model. Open to all colors of the rainbow and will happily pay a finders fee. Not interested in cars that are already advertised as they are over priced Thank you
  14. Wheels and Tires
    Used NARVI Bronze Wheels came off this 2019 Huracan . Very low miles. Minor scratches on the inside of the front rims only, otherwise very clean wheels. The tire setup is 315/30/R20 Toyo tires on the rear, & 245/30/R20 Pirelli on the front. You will notice the wheels are in near perfect...
  15. Huracan
    I was perusing some TT Huracans and stumbled upon this wild ride. It's a 2017 Stage 3+ Huracan RWD that was also converted to AWD. I have a couple questions: How common are RWD to AWD conversions? Does an AWD conversion have similar performance to a stock AWD Huracan? With a TT kit, is this...
  16. New Member Introductions
    Me and my wife just picked up a 2015 Huracan in Hawaii. Looking forward to meeting up with some other local owners and enjoying the sunny days of which we have plenty! 🤙
  17. Classifieds
    Just removed from my 610-4. Has 5k miles on it. Valves work, no dings or dents. Sounds realllly good if you want valves to quiet it down when needed and then have it aggressive and loud in Corsa mode! According to the Lamborghini official documentation it offers a 10% weight reduction, 5% added...
  18. Cars
    Own a piece of history! This 2018 Huracan Performante was designed to dominate the track with Carbon Ceramic Brakes and light weight 20” Narvi forged wheels. This model comes with a beautiful Grigio Nimbus finish with front end Paint Protection Film (PPF) and full Ceramic Pro coating. Achieve...
  19. Dreamers Forum
    Has anyone felt guilty for buying a lambo? In the sense that you could be using that money for so many better things like buying an investment property, throwing it into the stock market, saving it for early retirement, gifting it to parents, etc? My current situation: I'm 34, own my own...
  20. General Lamborghini Related Discussion
    For Less! Here is Fabspeeds Contribution to Maintaining the Thickness of Your Wallet..---> Lamborghini Gifts