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huracan wheels

  1. Huracan Gianos For Sale

    *Porter at an Authorized Lamborghini Dealer in La Jolla, California looking to sell parts that we no longer need.* | PM FOR PRICING AND QUESTIONS AND MORE PICTURES | - Wheels are slightly used with minor curbing (as shown in pictures) - *Wheels can be professionally fixed at an...
  2. Strasse Wheels Huracan Custom Wheel Gallery!

    Hey Members! This thread will be dedicated strictly Huracan's featuring Strasse Wheels! If you have a Huracan on Strasse Wheels, feel free to post some pictures as we’d love to see them! Forged Wheel Specs: Strasse SM5R Deep Concave FS -3 Piece Floating Spoke Configuration -Gloss Black...
  3. Strasse Wheels | Carbon Fiber equipped Rosso Mars Aventador Roadster!

    Wheels and Tires
    Check out this absolutely stunning Rosso Mars Aventador Roadster featuring the new Strasse Carbon Fiber Edition SV15T Deep Concave FS wheels! The owner of this Aventador Roadster wanted a custom set of wheels that would stand out from the everyday crowd and draw plenty of attention to this...