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  1. I'm a dreamer, but I want to make it real

    Dreamers Forum
    Ok, I'm only 12 but I really wan't to have a Lamborghini when i'm 19 or 20. I already have a $1,000 saved. Are there any tips you can give me. Also i'm 2 grades ahead; like i'm in 6th but i'm in Pre-Algebra. I want to goto Law School become lawyer then a judge when I grow up. What is the car you...
  2. Purchase Help!

    Hey guys! New to the forum so kind of nervous about my first post, but here it goes. I have around a $95,000-$105,000 price range and I have been looking at the 2005 Gallardo Coupe. I found the perfect 2005 Nero Noctis Coupe with everything I could hope for! The problem's listed around...