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  1. Discussion of other Marques
    Does anyone know him from Youtube? Shmee150 is his name and perhaps the only youtube member that is a spotter with a supercar! Spotters are people that make pictures or videos of cars they see on the road. Then they post it on youtube or other sites. It may be a bit sad but it's cool if you get...
  2. Lamborghini Events
    Who is doing gumball 3000 this year? I am down to do it. Last year was amazing, I hope this year is great Go TEAM EXHAUSTAGE
  3. Classifieds
    Hello everyone, I'm selling my 2008 Gallardo with the Original Gumball3000 stickers. It was driven at Gumball3000 2010. The car has now 22k Miles on it and every service done. Price: 120k For more information pleas contact me via Email: [email protected]
1-3 of 3 Results