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  1. Diablo
    Hello everyone, sorry if I'm posting in the wrong area but I have a set of wheels and a set of AGP glass for a coupe I'm Looking to sell. The rims are shiny but do have some spots around the bolt holes,they are Polished aluminum. I was going to have the outer ring powder coated but figured I'd...
  2. 350/400 GT
    Hello, I am looking for a piece of rear glass for a 400GT. If anyone has a used one in great shape or knows of a NOS piece or someone who reproduces them please let me know. Regards, Ryan
  3. Gallardo
    The other day, Hari jogged my memory when he mentioned that a door mirror glass seemed to "shimmer" on his Balboni-edition. My left mirror (passenger side here) was doing something similar and then I noticed, when driving today, that it was flapping around a lot more than before. I thought...
  4. Parts/Other For Sale or Wanted
    Hello, I'm seeking for a door glass and a headlight. Both passengers side. 2005 Murcielago Roadster
  5. Classifieds
    Hello, I am looking to purchase or partial sponsor glasses for Lamborghini Gallardo, Gallardo Spyder LP550/560/570, Murcielago LP640/670, Murcie Roadster, Aventador LP700. I would like to develop Electric Auto Tinting Glasses for these vehicles. Private Video: EAT Remote Tint Video Clip L4P -...
1-6 of 6 Results