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  1. Parts
    Hi all, selling my custom built twin turbo kit for a pre-LP Gallardo cope - capable of 1700 HP. Kit was built for a 2004 Gallardo Coupe by S&S Chassis out of Chicago, and was used for a total of 1,000 miles and then taken off and sold. It has not been pushed past what pre-LP stock Gallardos can...
  2. Gallardo
    Thank you so much for looking at my message. In the next few months I will finally realize my dream and will be purchasing a 2007-2009 Gallardo! My situation is a bit unique as I know nothing about cars. I don't even know how to put oil in my wife's Mercedes! That being said, a few years ago...
  3. Gallardo
    Hi I got the ABS warning error for my 2005 Gallardo , my local workshop suggested to change the whole ABS pump. Would like to get the advice in here, is it really the ABS pump get failure? or it only to change the ABS vacuum pump get solve the problem ? ( Reference link in below after the...
  4. Parts
    I'm looking for just about everything. If you have it ill probably need it. Money... well she's tight fellas. If you have anything lying around you arent using or looking to get rid of for a reasonable dollar, id appreciate the help getting this beaten bull back together.
  5. Gallardo
    Hey Everyone! Finally pulled the trigger and picked up a LP 560-4 Spyder 😆 It got delivered yesterday! My family is super excited and so am I as this was a dream car of mine that’s now come true 😇 it’s also got a ton of specs!
  6. Gallardo
    So, I finally got my manual conversion finished. Well, almost. I’m finally able to start the car with the key which is a big plus. And... it shifts great! The car is twin turbo’d and now running approx 1,630hp (motor built to handle 2k+ hp) along with many other mods (axles, custom gears...
  7. Cars
    Hello Everyone! Below is my copy and pasted description from facebook marketplace. If anyone has additional questions, please let me know. :) 2004 Gallardo E-Gear 39,500 Miles, clean title, no damage history, clean carfax Price: $90,000 OBO VIN: Please message me privately for VIN. I have had...
  8. New Member Introductions
    Hey everyone, I’m super excited to join this forum. I’m in the process of buying my first exotic and looking at getting a Gallardo. I’ve been preapproved by a few lenders and have been shopping around for the last week. I look forward to connecting with everyone in the community.
  9. Classifieds
    Hello, I’m in the market for a 2012 Rosso Mars Super Trofeo Stradale. It needs to be a US spec as I’m located in NY. Ideally ~5000 miles. Willing to go up to 10,000 miles depending on condition. Looking for a well cared for vehicle with no paint chips, no paint repairs, and at minimum 80%...
  10. Parts
    I had an accident at the right front of my car. So, I’m looking for a Gallardo parts(LP550,LP560,LP570) used. Also, If you have any recommendations of a place to buy parts for my car or a website that wouldn’t be crazy pricey.
  11. Gallardo
    I have a 2004 G and cannot figure out the problem. The car is basically 50% power and running very rough/lean. I recently received an O2 sensor error so I replaced the O2 sensor but something is still wrong. If I clear the error codes with an OBD scanner they come back within 10 minutes of the...
  12. General Lamborghini Related Discussion
    Good morning I would like to know about a engine control unit ecu replacement bulletin in 2008 which states a replacement is needed with part number 400906018b and my current control unit is 400906018. The reason being, when I drive my Gallardo and come to a stop I need to press and hold the...
  13. Gallardo
    I wanted to start a thread to speculate the price of Gallardo's as the years go on since they are currently discontinued. and to keep in mind that Lamborghini has decided to discontinue the v10 in favor of the v8 twin turbo. I remember a couple of years back a pre lp was in the 70k-80k range...
  14. Gallardo
    So I have had to replace the O2 sensors on my 04 G a few times over the years due to deleted cats and LOC exhaust. Never any issues replacing. However, after replacing Bank 1 Sensor 1 yesterday, the "1-5" CEL error code went away so there are no errors but the engine itself is still acting the...
  15. Parts
    Lamborghini Exhaust - Stainless Steel Mounting Upgrade for 400251393A Fitted on most Countach , Diablo , Espada , Gallardo , Jalpa , Jarama , LM002 , Murcielago We have now managed to machine and manufacture these upgraded mounts entirely in the UK and can offer them at half the cost of buying...
  16. Gallardo
    One of my Pre-LP Gallardo headlight ballasts failed. I'd prefer to upgrade the headlights (and ballasts if required) to brighter units if possible. All the windows are tinted, including the windshield, so the brighter the better. What's available out there? I have to replace one of the ballasts...
  17. Gallardo
    So, a few years back a company built up my 04’ eGear to a twin turbo. They started the manual conversion and then went under. I lost a boatload of money on this deal but decided to have a company reassemble the car and complete the manual conversion. I got the call last week that the car...
  18. Cars
    looking to sell my gated Gallardo 2004 with 44k miles...triple black ...the car located in Canada but as an American vin
  19. Parts
    Paint: Ballon White Condition: Like new Location: Philly, but will ship if needed Price: shoot me some offers
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    2004 Lamborghini Gallardo
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