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  1. Lamborghini Video Links
    The end of our Lambulance Video
  2. Gallardo
    There's a Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder 6 Speed for sale near me (Buffalo, NY) and I went to go check it out and it got me wondering how rare early and late Gallardo manuals really are It is my understanding there are not a lot and Lamborghini does not reveal numbers so does anyone know how many...
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    Parts/Other For Sale or Wanted
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  4. Gallardo
    Hello, looking to see if anyone in the far West Texas area owns one of these. I will eventually be buying my own, but for now just seeing if by any luck there is someone in my area. I am looking to reset my e gear. I can pay or rent it if needed. Thanks in advance,
  5. Gallardo
    Hello - wanted to see what everyone's thoughts are on this. My rear left tire blew out on me, the other 3 tires are in good shape.. I have the Pirelli P Zero 295/30ZR19 100 Y Tire, and need to replace it. Is it true I should not replace it with a new tire as that may cause some down stream...
  6. Gallardo
    Hi All, Quick poll to see what off-the-shelf oil you’d recommend/prefer for a 2012 Gallardo (LP 550-2) oil change.
  7. Gallardo
    Hi All, Interesting case sharing with the community here in case you have come across this before (two lambo dealerships are telling me they have not seen this before) Summary: 2012 Gallardo Coupe, LP 550-2, 13k, (with good service history). Just did the comprehensive full service (8 years...
  8. Gallardo
    Hey guys~ Is there a way to adjust the power steering stiffness on a Gallardo? Mine is a 2013 550-2, I am sure the power steering fluid is good.Still, It's way too stiff/heavy compared to my MP4-12C, making daily driving exhausting.
  9. Gallardo
    OldSchool posted a thread a while back for sales of LP manual us spec cars. and wanted to do the same for pre-LP. that way we can consolidate all the Pre-LP manuals here which might be useful to track all the US Pre-LP manuals currently listed in one thread. "Cars will come and go but we should...
  10. Gallardo
    Hey Guys Bought a 2008 Lamborghini gallardo spyder with 33000km a few months back and has been sitting for about 1 week while waiting for the rims to get repainted However after sitting for a week i started to have a wierd problem with the Egear, when i try to put it into 1st gear all gears...
  11. Gallardo
    Well friends I couldn’t help myself. I needed a project so here is where I landed……. Let me know what you think and of course I had to add to my YouTube library; cause why not.
  12. Gallardo
    Has anyone had oil pump shaft failure. I got a low oil light driving and immediately pulled over. The car oil level is regularly checked so I knew that wasn’t the issue. I had it towed to an Indy mechanic. He said in the ballpark of 10k. I understand it’s not an easy job but 10k seemed a little...
  13. Gallardo
    My 5.0 500HP Gallardo got an engine rebuild because it was burning a lot of engine oil. I dyno'ed it before and after the engine rebuild, here are the results - RUN 1 is after engine rebuilt, RUN 2 before. Now it clearly behaves better at lower RPM's. Maybe some of you could share their dyno...
  14. Cars For Sale or Wanted
    Year: 2009 VIN: ZHWGU54T29LA07736 Miles on car: 41k Miles on Motor: 20k Color: Verde Ithaca Interior: Nero Perseus Options: Carbon Ceramic Brakes, E-Gear, Electric/Heated Seats, Rear View Camera, Leather Package II, Transparent Engine Bonnet, etc. Car is also signed by Valentino Balboni This car...
    $156,000 USD
  15. General Lamborghini Related Discussion
    This is kinda Gallardo specific, but I was hoping someone here might have some knowledge about the model differences regarding the L140 transaxle and it's accessory parts for the Gallardo vs modern Audi L140. I've got a Gallardo L140 of the 45D type (V10 manual 6 speed) and I'm trying to sort...
  16. Parts/Other For Sale or Wanted
    Hey guys! At long last I let go of my 2008 Gallardo Superleggera, and the only thing left from the street setup left over is my prized CF Tecnocraft intake! Definitely a head turning piece when the bonnet is lifted, and add real world hp with much better airflow. Looking for a quick cash sale...
    $3,800 USD
  17. Cars For Sale or Wanted
    Hello all! With a heavy heart, I must list my Performante for sale. This was a recent acquisition by me and I did not expect to sell it, especially so soon. I recently had the opportunity to buy one of my all-time dream Lamborghini's and I, unfortunately, cannot manage to keep the new car, my...
    $179,000 USD
  18. Cars For Sale or Wanted
    2006 Gallardo Spyder. Purchased in 9/21. Looking to go from two cars to one car that costs a lot more. Car came with clear bra on front end. Installed a factory looking carplay radio but still have original radio (no wires were spliced). Tints installed as well. No accidents. Always hand washed...
    $114,999 USD
  19. Gallardo
    I know there have been several threads on installs of the carnaviplayer. But I just did an install on my 2008 Gallardo and made a video for anyone that needs guidance. There are a few good videos out there but had not seen one with the new factory backup camera adapter. First impressions are...
  20. Gallardo
    someone please tell me the cap size or any compatible cars that have the same size need to get it ASAP
1-20 of 472 Results