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  1. WTB: Verde Ithaca gallardo or Gated Arancio Borealis gallardo

    Looking to purchase one or the other. Hardtops only! Thanks
  2. Superleggera Exhaust and other parts

    Hey anybody in need of an original Superleggera exhaust for a nice sound upgrade? Works in every Gallardo I read on the forum... very good condition 2000$ shipped. Also somebody might be interested in a good transmission and/or differential as well as a reasonably priced new front bumper? Just...
  3. eGear Line Failure ALMOST takes out CHEDDARWEDGE for good

    Lamborghini Video Links
    All you NEED TO KNOW is in the title. Luckily a THERMAL EVENT was avoided.
  4. LP560 EGear error

    Hi guys! Im the new owner of LP560 (2010) Gallardo and facing problem with EGear. Few days ago ive got stalled on reverse and got Egear error. After cycling the key error just disappeared. After that i had small ~30km trip, car started to slightly jerk on gear changes and parked the car...
  5. WTB Gallardo (any year, under $125k, interior: bianco/tan/brown/cream)

    Hello, I'm looking to purchase a Gallardo with tan/cream interior. Preference: -classic/clean lines (no wing or flamboyant ground effects) -red/rosso exterior (but that could always be wrapped) -glass bonnet
  6. Gallardo LP560 Carbon fiber front lip (new), KLA shift paddles (new), OEM car cover

    Greetings! I no longer have the car and have a few parts for sale. Located in Toledo, Ohio and can ship easily. Thanks! :) 1. New Gallardo LP560 carbon fiber front center lip piece. SOLD 2. New KLA Shift paddles, will work on any e-gear Gallardo. SOLD 3. OEM Lamborghini black car cover...
  7. 2010 Lamborghini Gallardo Advice

    Hello, I'm thinking about pulling the trigger on a used LP560-4 Convertible Spyder. It has 12k miles, clean title, no accident and 5 previous owners. The owner is asking 110k firm. This will be a fun little weekend car for me. Not many miles and may want to sell in 6-8 months. The clutch is...
  8. How many Superleggera's were made

    I've been trying to do some research with no luck. Looking to figure out how many Gallardo Superleggera's were sold into the United States. More specifically, I am interested in how many Verde Ithica Superleggera's are in the United States. Wondering if anyone here has already done the research...
  9. Which tyre for all year or Winter tyres in all year?

    Hi All, Wishing everyone well at this strange time, So I purchased my 2004 Gallardo last year in September, it had brand new Pirelli tyres on as advised by the seller (they looked new) so I didn't check the spec of them but was satified I shouldn't need to change them. Yesterday, I went out...
  10. 2008 Lamborghini Gallardo For Sale

    SOLD *2008 Lamborghini Gallardo For Sale 2008 Lamborghini Gallardo E-Gear for sale in Salt Lake City, Utah Vin #: ZHWGU12T18LA06328 This Gallardo has been very well taken care of, kept in a climate controlled garage. Service was done by Makes and Models in Salt Lake City, UT. All the...
  11. Dyno Questions

    Hey guys, Recently acquired am 06' Gallardo and am looking into modding it. Is there anything specific that needs to happen to run these on a dyno? Reason I ask is I've heard of "putting it in 2wd mode" by disconnecting the drive shaft (but I know many cars this will fry the differential)...
  12. 2013 Gallardo LP560-4 Final Edition on BBS

    Selling this mint condition RARE 2013 Gallardo LP560-4 "Final Edition" The front/rear bumper upgrades set these models apart from earlier generations IMO. This is a prime example of what a Gallardo should be. Tastefully modded on Extremely Rare 20" BBS Wheels and lowered on Swift Springs for the...
  13. WTB: High Mileage Gallardo

    Hi all, looking into Gallardos. I am not concerned if the exterior is rough, or if the car has high mileage. My friend dailys his superleggera and has over 110k miles. I know the underground market has some crazy deals; I know someone who just bought a black on red 04 with 55k miles for $55k...
  14. 06 Gallardo Spyder FS

    Happy Valentines Day everyone.:) I have a gorgeous 2006 Giallo Midas Gallardo Spyder with 28k miles. The car was loved dearly and extensively serviced with dozens of records; available upon request. Clean title in hand, located in Long Island, New York. - New clutch 2,500 miles ago. New...
  15. Lamborghini Gallardo LP 560-4 : For Sale

    I am selling my '09 Lamborghini Gallardo LP 560-4. Asking $85,000. This yellow beast has an E-gear transmission with only 20k miles. The interior is black with yellow stitching. Well maintained with plenty of clutch left. I originally bought it with a Salvage title when it had only about 7k...
  16. 2009 Gallardo LP560-4 for sale

    Deleted Deleted this post.
  17. Gallardo spider subwoofer fits between front seat for sale

    Hi, Im selling my custom made Lamborghini Gallardo spider subwoofer that mounts in between the front seats. It has two 6 inch JL Audio speakers and sounds and looks great. I've listed it on ebay - you can search for Gallardo subwoofer. Buy it now is $1430 and it cost over $4K to have it...
  18. 08 Supperleggera

    I've been in the market for a Lambo and keep finding myself looking at the Superleggera. The 08 I'm really interested in is absolutely gorgeous! However, I'd greatly appreciate feedback on anyone's experience with the Superleggera verses a standard G. For clarity, I will probably never take it...
  19. Differential Snap?

    I was pulling into my garage after a quick 10 minute errand and out of nowhere I hear a shaking sound, almost like a loose "something" so I naturally put it in park and look under and in the engine and don't see anything abnormal. I start pulling forward and if I turn the wheel at all(left or...
  20. Front Lift Issue

    Hey guys, firstly i would like to apologise if this issue has been raised before - i have searched but couldn't find anything specifically relating to this. Basically, 1 week ago i achieved a life long dream! I bought my first Lamborghini! Everything is great with the car but I have 1 issue -...