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  1. Gallardo
    I've been trying to do some research with no luck. Looking to figure out how many Gallardo Superleggera's were sold into the United States. More specifically, I am interested in how many Verde Ithica Superleggera's are in the United States. Wondering if anyone here has already done the research...
  2. Cars For Sale or Wanted
    Hi all, In the market for a clean Murcielago. Would prefer a gated pre-LP car or LP640 coupe but would be willing to look at other specs. All mileage accepted, just looking for a well maintained car. Cash buyer located in Miami FL. Also interested in a 2008 Gallardo SL in black with full carbon...
  3. Gallardo
    Had someone ask me today why we went for the Lambo vs the more popular choice...the 458. He seemed to want to buy the Lambo but, had reservations. His education was from the magazines (etc) that all seemed to give the 458 the edge. (Personally, I am not a 'Lambo Guy' or a 'Ferrari Guy'...I buy...
1-3 of 3 Results