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  1. B.ROGUE: First Full Titanium 5.0L Lamborghini Gallardo Exhaust (Pre-LP)

    Hey guys, I'm excited to share a new build I have going on with B.Rouge Built here in West Chicago. This build will make my car the first full titanium straight pipe 5.0 (pre-LP) Gallardo exhaust system in the world. There have been several documented titanium X-Pipes, but none with full...
  2. Best sounding Gallardo exhaust? Need help!!

    Right now I have fab speed test/cat delete pipes connected to fabspeed straight pipes. It's just straight pipes the whole way. I'm getting very loud drone in 6th gear while highway driving. It's maddening! I've got my eyes set on a LOC rev5 system paired with my current test pipes. I've seen...
  3. LOC Exhaust - Repeated O2 Sensor Failure

    I have a 2005 gallardo that I put a Lamborghini Of Orange County Exhaust on and ever since then I have had to replace the same O2 sensor 7 times in 4 years! It is always the same exact sensor - Bank 1, Sensor 2 My local lamborghini dealership just laughs at me every time I bring it in because I...
  4. Black Friday sale (LP550-2, LP560-4,LP570-4)

    BLACK FRIDAY MADNESS at CARTREATS.COM Cartreats will be offer the 'Titan Sports' exhaust (QUICKSILVER) for the Gallardo LP550,560 and 570 to the first five customers at a rock bottom price ($2999.99) only on BLACK FRIDAY (11/26/2012), For more info click on the link below Gallardo LP550-2...
  5. gallardo spyder stock exhaust for sale

    Make offer .. car has 1800 miles when replaced
  6. Original Lamborghini Gallardo Exhaust Mufflers Gen1

    Left and Right units Like new condition taken off after car was twin turbo'd :wave: $1200 + shipping Others selling same items on ebay at $2600 pair or $1300 per muffler so should be a good price. Lamborghini Gallardo Left Exhaust Muffler 07L251051A SX on eBay!