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gallardo clutch
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  1. Exotic Clutch Technologies
    So we got invited to the Ferrari FF Driving Experience hosted by Ferrari North America at the Ritz Carlton. It was co-hosted by Dom Perignon. I figured, well, great champagne, and fast cars, why not? At ECT we do clutches for a variety of marques including Ferrari, but we are mostly Lamborghini...
  2. Exotic Clutch Technologies
    To kick-start our sponsorship of L-Talk, we are going to offer an insane deal on our Gallardo Kevlar clutch setup. $2990!! We retail these units for $5200. This is for the entire plug-n-play assembly, all balanced and ready to install. The complete clutch assembly consists of the flywheel...
  3. Hi Tech Exotic
    To all you guys I know there are other threads out there regarding clutch replacement on the Gallardo. I can highly recommend Sean @ Hi Tech Exotics on his very well manufactured Kevlar clutch assembly. The clutch replacement took about 7 days from time of order and shipped to Australia straight...
61-63 of 63 Results