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  1. Gallardo
    Selling my satin black fabspeed quad exhaust tips from my 2008 gallardo spyder. They are in excellent condition, I only used them for a few months and then I ended up selling my Gallardo. Paid $1900 for them. Asking $1400 OBO
  2. Gallardo
    My oil pump shaft failed on my 06 gallardo. The dealer says to replace both shaft and pump. Between tear down, the oil pump, and labor to install, they want 14k. Do you think it’s likely my oil pump went with the shaft or it is still fine. It’s a 5k gamble, since a new oil pump is 5k.
  3. Gallardo
    My 5.0 500HP Gallardo got an engine rebuild because it was burning a lot of engine oil. I dyno'ed it before and after the engine rebuild, here are the results - RUN 1 is after engine rebuilt, RUN 2 before. Now it clearly behaves better at lower RPM's. Maybe some of you could share their dyno...
1-3 of 3 Results