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    Good Afternoon All! I have had this Tank System Malfunction ("TSM") problem for quite a while, and it has appeared only after the EVAP Recall was done to the Car. Symptoms: 1. When the Tank is slightly less than Half Full, the Fuel Reading goes to 0 with a TSM output on the Cluster 2. The Fuel...
  2. WARNING: '06 Roadster fuel tank leak (almost another flaming Lamborghini)

    So, I went away on a month long business trip. 2 or so weeks into the trip my wife mentions that there is a strong chemical smell in the garage / shed. I worry a little that it is the batter tender cooking the battery (first time I used it on this vehicle, cannot remember if it is an AGM batt or...
  3. Fuel Gauge Error Gallardo spyder 2008

    Hello everyone, I have a problem with my Gallardo Spyder 2008. the meter indicates a full tank of fuel all the time. anyone have any wiring diagram that can help me? thank you very much everybody. I hope you can help me :confused: