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  1. Zoomed Out Performante at the House.jpeg

    Zoomed Out Performante at the House.jpeg

    Another view at home
  2. 2019 Performante at home.jpeg

    2019 Performante at home.jpeg

    First few days with my pride and joy at home
  3. Car Dealers, Transporters, Parts Supplier Rating
    Where to begin.... We do a lot of business in the states and buy a lot from internet and by phone. Buying from a dealer, especially for an exotic car dealer, should be professional and easy. We have talked to Craig, salesman, few times and settle the deal on the Friday. We have given our credit...
  4. Gallardo
    Any suggestion for a good Lambo Shop in Palm Beach/Broward County, FL? Also, any suggestion for a seat Upholstery Shop in the same area?
  5. Lamborghini Events
    An additional thread from my previous one. Just wanted to add if there are any Lamborghini meets or events around the Tampa Bay area in Florida?
  6. Lamborghini Events
    Hello, I am a local from Tampa Bay, Florida. Is there currently any Lamborghini Meets in Florida that will be taking place anytime soon? If ever, would there be any personal meets that a 16 year old can visit to? Truly yours,
  7. Dreamers Forum
    Hey there, Kirk here, I would like to share my desire for owning a Lamborghini. I'm 16 years old. I've dread a dream to own a Lamborghini one day. I know it's cliche and everyone says that. I'm new to this forum and the reason why I joined this forum is to connect with real owners. I would like...