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  1. Business, Investing, Economy
    Hello all, Just writing this for anyone interested in business. I have been working straight for a couple of years and am ready to start something new. If anyone is interested in a car rental business start-up or have an idea of your own, send me a message. I am located in the Sacramento area...
  2. Lamborghini Events
    Please PM if you are interested. Would like to interview you about your car. questions like: Why did you buy this model? How does it feel driving a car like this? What is your suggestion to others who would like to buy a Lamborghini but can't afford one? How much is the car costing you to...
  3. Dreamers Forum
    I was pondering the other day if buying a Lamborghini would be better if you had it delivered to a specific location for pick-up, or go to the dealership to go buy it?
  4. Car Dealers, Transporters, Parts Supplier Rating
    Hello, Kirk here, I want to share my experience at a dealership in Sarasota. I recently visited the Lamborghini dealership of Sarasota, FL for the first time. I went in there with my mom, little brother and a good friend to take a quick look of the showroom. I had questions in mind, and I...
  5. Lamborghini Events
    Well, a new season is upon us and the official kick-off was yesterday. It was great to see the usual folks and some great new faces. The season promises to be epic. Some great cruises planned including Bryan's ultimate adventure... Here are some pictures and the first video of the season...
1-5 of 5 Results