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  1. Parts
    Hello! I'm selling a Capristo Lamborghini Huracan LP610-4 / LP580-2 Valved Exhaust System. It has a month and a half of use, but it's almost new! We are offering FREE SHIPPING to US. For further information contact me: [email protected] Whatsapp: +54 911 35654708 Phone: +1 561 980 4487
  2. Fabspeed Motorsport
    Hey everyone! Been thinking of some ways I can give back to this fabulous community, and figured there is no better way than offering you all an exclusive discount. All Models, All exhaust systems 10% off until 8/14/2021 - View all of our offerings here: Lamborghini Performance Parts...
  3. Parts
    Great condition Tubi Style Exhaust for Pre LP Gallardo. Price: $2,200 or best offer🤷‍♂️ Location: Ft.bragg NC, 28310 Tubi Style Exhaust #10475 Used for about 3k miles. Came off a 2004 Pre-LP Gallardo. Price is $1,400 off MSRP!🔥🔥🔥🔥 PM me for more information
  4. Classifieds
    I have a tubi exhaust installed on my 04 G, however I find it much too quiet for my liking from inside the cabin therefore want to go with a cat delete so I can enjoy the sounds while driving.
  5. Classifieds
    Just removed from my 610-4. Has 5k miles on it. Valves work, no dings or dents. Sounds realllly good if you want valves to quiet it down when needed and then have it aggressive and loud in Corsa mode! According to the Lamborghini official documentation it offers a 10% weight reduction, 5% added...
  6. Huracan
    New Exhaust setup for the Huracan EVO and EVO RWD, now all Huracan s sold in China are equiped with 4 OPF/GPFs after the catalytic converters, the exhaust note is quite different compared to the non-opf/gpf version. Please feel free to leave your comments for this new exhaust systems. Sound...
  7. General Lamborghini Related Discussion
    For Less! Here is Fabspeeds Contribution to Maintaining the Thickness of Your Wallet..---> Lamborghini Gifts
  8. Urus
    If you are on the fence about doing Sport Cats on your Urus this should make that decision a little bit easier...Factory mufflers seem to sound pretty good eh? This a great alternative to just going with the Cat Bypass pipes to eliminate the raw fuel smell, engine light and emissions compliance...
  9. General Lamborghini Related Discussion
    When looking to purchase a lightly used Lambo Gallardo, Aventador or do you feel mods such as exhaust or intakes affect your perception of value? Are you more or less interested in say..a 2016 Huracan with low miles and a Fabspeed Exhaust over a non modified car? Does the brand of...
  10. Aventador
    just bought a 14av Thinking about deleting cats on stock exhaust Couple of questions 1. Does it affect drivability or reliability 2. Is sound absurd or bearable 3. Is the smell bearable 4. Approx costs to do this 5. Any other drawbacks thanks in advance HR
  11. Parts
    Came off my 2004 murcielago and is in great shape. not sure what these go for so open to offers in houston, can ship for you but need suggestions on how best to ship thanks Harry 8323477223
  12. Lamborghini News & News
    Hey all just dropping a note about this sale which is already active and runs through Cyber Monday...hopefully the information is beneficial! Click Here For Lambo Owners
  13. Photo Gallery
    What an amazing time at Fabspeeds Annual Open House. Lambo City! Visit Fabspeeds YouTube Channel For A Recap Soon..
  14. Model Specific Discussions
    Off a 99 Vt
  15. Parts
    Just took it off my 1999 Diablo VT would like to sell please contact me. Full exhaust system I believe I paid 11k for it back in the day. Email - [email protected]
  16. General Lamborghini Related Discussion
    Hey Folks, Hopefully some of you are on this forum. I just came across this video of the super cruise meetup at Fabspeed Motorsport. This was an awesome experience to be a part of and I sure hope that more of us can join if we can put something together for next time. Check this out!
  17. Gallardo
    Anyone out there have this setup on their Gallardo from Fabspeed? This was ear piercing pleasure!
  18. Gallardo
    This just got dropped off to my job the other day for some pretty aggressive exhaust mods. Does anyone out there have a similar setup? Familiar with the car? Gallardo Upgrades
  19. Parts
    Hey anybody in need of an original Superleggera exhaust for a nice sound upgrade? Works in every Gallardo I read on the forum... very good condition 2000$ shipped. Also somebody might be interested in a good transmission and/or differential as well as a reasonably priced new front bumper? Just...
1-20 of 86 Results