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  1. Huracan glass engine cover reflection problem

    Hi all, I just took delivery of my huracan. While I love it, there is a small issue with the glass engine cover. When looking through the rear view mirror, the engine cover has a noticable reflection of the carbon covering the engine. This is especially annoying at night. Has anyone found a...
  2. Engine Cover

    Looking to change the Engine grill as mine did crack where the screws go in to hold. Not looking to have carbon fiber ones as then I will have to changes all pieces. Any idea to where to find it?
  3. Preference: Glass Engine Cover or Stock?

    General Lamborghini Related Discussion
    I am not sure of the proper jargon when referring to the cover/hood of the engine, but I do know that some people prefer a glass cover and some people prefer the metal cover. 1) What is the actual proper name of the cover/hood over the engine? 2) Which do you prefer? It is redundant to claim...