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  1. Help $17,000 service bill right after purchase

    Bought a 2008 Gallardo from a dealer in Indiana. They found nothing in their inspection except that it need a clutch. They had a local Import shop put the new clutch in but opted to not do the clutch positioning sensor or throw out bearing. Engine light and e gear light came on. Went to our...
  2. eGear Line Failure ALMOST takes out CHEDDARWEDGE for good

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    All you NEED TO KNOW is in the title. Luckily a THERMAL EVENT was avoided.
  3. (Solved) LP560 EGear error

    Hi guys! Im the new owner of LP560 (2010) Gallardo and facing problem with EGear. Few days ago ive got stalled on reverse and got Egear error. After cycling the key error just disappeared. After that i had small ~30km trip, car started to slightly jerk on gear changes and parked the car...
  4. Good Clutch Wear Readings?

    Does anybody know what the healthy range is for clutch wear readings?
  5. E Gear Questions

    Love this community. I just put my Black/Black 06 Gallardo Spyder up for sale and it recently threw a code EGear, but it only comes on once, maybe twice if I'm driving a over 40 miles. I have 32,000 miles on the same clutch and the tech said it has 40% clutch life left. 1. Any suggestions what...
  6. 2005 Giallo Midas Gallardo E-Gear

    I am putting my 2005 Lamborghini Gallardo up for sale. Very clean example. Located in SoCal LA Area. - 19,857 Miles - Exterior Giallo Midas (3 Layer Pear Yellow), Interior Nero Perseus (Black Leather with Yellow Contrast stitching) - E-Gear - Front Lift - Bone stock,​ never modded/wrapped -...
  7. Clutch Degradation Index

    I scanned my 2006 Gallardo for E-Gear wear and got the parameters for "Clutch Degradation Index" at 13,767... I've read that the parameter should be between 0-10,000? The car drives pretty much fine so I'm confused as to what this number actually means? Any ideas on how to interpret/ translate...
  8. Egear Quick Disconnect Parts????

    Hi Gents- my 05 Gallardo registered an egear warning in mid ride last week and kicked into neutral - wouldn't go into gear. I got her home to find that the black metal box that is part of the egear "quick disconnect" set up had a crack/ leak. The dealer suggested that the part numbers had...
  9. Pressure Gear issues 2008 gallardo spyder

    I'm obviously having a pressure issue in my 08 Gallardo Spyder. The issue l'm having is that the car will not go into gear. You can put it in 1 and try to accelerate but the car wont actually move. All the gears just blink red. Same with reverse and neutral. The vehicle has 29,000 miles on it...
  10. How to interpret Gallardo eGear Snap

    Hi All, My lamborghini dealer just sent me info on the egear snap for a 2012 LP550-2. It was done through LaRA. Mileage 14000 Clutch Closed Position: 20.3mm Clutch Closed Position (Learned): 21.8mm The wear is 1.5mm. What do I make out of this? Good or bad? Any insight would be much appreciated!
  11. FS: 2006 Lamborghini Murcielago Roadster, INdiana

    2006 Lamborghini Murcielago Roadster (VIN: ZHWBU26S76LA01844), Giallo Orion met (Pearl Yellow) / Nero Perseus (Black) full Connolly leather with yellow stitching and black carpeting, 6-spd. E-gear trans., 18,550 original miles, 6.2L mid-engine V12 engine, 580 hp & 479 ft-lb torque, Viscous...
  12. FS: 2007 Gallardo Spyder E-GEAR

    Up for sale is a pristine 2007 Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder E-GEAR. The Giallo Halys exterior has No Prior Paintwork & is in pristine condition. This Gallardo is protected by a clear bra on the front has no signs of scrapping or rock chips. The factory soft-top is in excellent conditon with no...
  13. Malfuction eGEAR gallardo 2010

    Hello folks, i have an gallardo spyder 2010 lp560-4 with 5000 miles and i was travelling last week, after 100 miles a light wrote egear on my car appeared, i drove more 5 miles and stoped. In the car manual, i found that could be a malfunction of egear. At the next morning, i need to come back...
  14. Gallardo -Egear Malfunction Smell and Smoke

    Got a call from the service shop. He said the initial clutch install was not up their standards. That was the problem.
  15. Egear stuck in neutral with NO flashing "R"

    My 06 Gallardo is stuck in neutral with NO flashing"R". I just replaced a busted line and then I bleed the system with both bleeder valves. It was working while I was bleeding the system but toward the end it stopped registering on the dash. When i press "R" or use the shifter the pump turns on...
  16. DID 0-120mph today

    I just want to share with everyone my e-gear experience. I did 0-120mph today with a police officer on the passenger side. I putted my Gallardo in sporting mode and shifting around 8,000 rpm without letting out the gas paddle when I changes gears. It makes a really loud sound each time. Its...