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  1. Heffner Twin Turbo LP560 Project with Hi Tech Exotic Kevlar Gallardo clutch

    Hi Tech Exotic
    We're exited to announce that we have shipped another Hi Tech Exotic Gallardo Kevlar clutch to Perth, Australia. This Kevlar clutch is a for a Heffner LP560 Twin Turbo project that John "Lamboperth" is planning to install. He was planning to install our Gallardo Kevlar clutch after he installed...
  2. Another Hi Tech Exotic Kevlar Gallardo clutch shipped to Indiana

    Hi Tech Exotic
    We have shipped another one of our Lamborghini clutches to Indiana. This Kevlar clutch is for a 2004 Gallardo E-gear with a Twin Turbo engine. It has a bolt on Turbo kit, producing about 700-800 hp. The customer was very unhappy with the clutch from another vendor. It is very difficult to...
  3. Welcome Hi Tech Exotic!

    Hi Tech Exotic
    We would like to welcome Hi Tech Exotic as our newest supporting vendor!