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  1. VelocityAP Urus Exhaust & Tuning Products Development

    Hello Everyone, You're probably most familiar with VelocityAP for our Huracan Exhausts & Lowering Springs. We are planning a complete product development cycle for the Urus. At present we are looking to complete: Catless Downpipes Emissions Compliant Downpipes Exhaust Lowering Springs ECU...
  2. Pops & Crackles & Power - VelocityAP Lamborghini Huracan ECU Tuning

    Hi Guys, A quick video here from one of our dealers, will have some more info on our tuning up soon but thought we would share this clip for those of you who like the pops & crackles! Stock exhaust on this car: Available either as a bench flash (send us your ECUs) or through select...
  3. \ VF-Engineering: Hex Flash Aventador LP700 software upgrade /

    VF Engineering
    We are proud to announce and release the latest Hex Flash Aventador LP700 software upgrade. ECU software in the Aventador was enhanced by Hex Tuning resulting in an addition of 40hp and 40ftlbs of torque. This calibration was developed/tested and measured on a Mustang MD500-AWD chassis dyno...
  4. Hex Flash: Rolls Royce software TUNE

    Discussion of other Marques
    VF-Engineering and Hex Flash are proud to announce our Rolls Royce Hex Tuning ECU software upgrade! This calibration was scientifically developed/tested and measured on a Mustang MD500-AWD chassis dyno using 91 octane. The top speed limiter was removed and combined with refined ignition, fuel...