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  1. AMH Exotic Parts
    Three Gallardo clutches sold to three different shops this week might be my record, not counting the three others sold to individuals in last two weeks. Many thanks to Toy Barn in Columbus, OH., Veloce Motorsports in Kirkland, WA., Panzer Performance in Bradenton, FL. Also want to thank...
  2. AMH Exotic Parts
    Don't get on here too much posting about clutch sales but figured I would join along with the others. Here is some thanks going out to Oxotic of Fresno for recent Gallardo Dual Friction clutch. Appreciate the business again and again Kevin! Check out link below for latest rally tours and...
  3. AMH Exotic Parts
    We had the opportunity to work with Knoxville Performance and Dyno on a 2005 Murcielago E-gear clutch swap. This car is using our ECT Kevlar assembly with proprietary segmented Kevlar clutch disc. They went ahead and picked up a throw out bearing and related parts as well. On the Murci/Gallardo...
1-3 of 3 Results