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  1. Another ECT Kevlar Murcielago Clutch -- Shipped to Hong Kong

    Exotic Clutch Technologies
    We've been keeping our Facebook page pretty current with updates, but in case anyone here doesn't follow that, I'll do my best to keep the forum updated as well. Immediately after finishing the ECT Kevlar Lamborghini Murcielago clutch assembly for Fluid MotorUnion, we started this Kevlar clutch...
  2. ECT Kevlar Lamborghini Murcielago Clutch for Fluid MotorUnion

    Exotic Clutch Technologies
    Sorry we have been so inactive on this forum, but we have been extremely busy with all the Gallardo ECT Dual Friction™ clutch assemblies, standard Kevlar assemblies, and also with a good number of Murcielago Kevlar assemblies. If you're not already following us on Facebook, then you don't know...
  3. Broadway Supercars Gallardo Rental -- 07 E-gear (and update/much more content)

    Exotic Clutch Technologies
    It seems to have been a whirlwind the last few months. I haven't been able to be on the forums hardly at all with everything we've had to get done. So, I figure I'll make a thread in our little section about it. We developed a new clutch (the ECT Dual Friction, a step above the standard Kevlar...
  4. ECT Frequently Asked Questions and General Info

    Exotic Clutch Technologies
    ECT Clutch Info Is the clutch built from a core or a new assembly? Our standard pricing is us building the unit from a core. We DO also build them from new, but we find the best value is building from the core. Contact us for special pricing either way. IMPORTANT NOTE **If we start the build...
  5. Rocco's Auto Solutions Gallardo

    Exotic Clutch Technologies
    The Rocco's Auto Solutions Gallardo is now sporting a new ECT Dual Friction™ clutch assembly. Thanks Rocco for giving us the opportunity to earn your business. You have definitely got one of the cleanest and most flawless Gallardo's. If you're in the Connecticut area, be sure to contact...
  6. Stock Clutch to ECT Kevlar Clutch Swap by AMS

    Exotic Clutch Technologies
    I just wanted to share some photos from one of our Canadian dealers, AMS, of the stock Gallardo clutch assembly to an ECT Kevlar model. They have some awesome shop cars ranging from wicked high horsepower Nissans to an Aston Martin DB9 and the Gallardo pictured here.
  7. Exotic Clutch Technologies Got Invited to a Ferrari Party and Showed up in the Lambo

    Exotic Clutch Technologies
    So we got invited to the Ferrari FF Driving Experience hosted by Ferrari North America at the Ritz Carlton. It was co-hosted by Dom Perignon. I figured, well, great champagne, and fast cars, why not? At ECT we do clutches for a variety of marques including Ferrari, but we are mostly Lamborghini...
  8. INSANE Kevlar Clutch Deal for L-Talk Members

    Exotic Clutch Technologies
    To kick-start our sponsorship of L-Talk, we are going to offer an insane deal on our Gallardo Kevlar clutch setup. $2990!! We retail these units for $5200. This is for the entire plug-n-play assembly, all balanced and ready to install. The complete clutch assembly consists of the flywheel...