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drive shaft

  1. Murcielago Front Drive Train

    This is from a 2005, includes the Front Differential, Front Propeller shaft, Right and Left Axle shafts. Asking $5,000 for the whole assembly. If you are looking for a specific part we can work out a price for splitting it up.
  2. Front Drive Train For Murcielago

    Selling entire front drive train for a Murcielago AWD Setup. Front Left and Right Axles Differential Drive Shaft $5200 OBO Willing to split up pieces for the right price. Message me for more photos of individual parts, or with any questions you may have. Located in Bloomington, Indiana.
  3. Oil Pump Drive Shaft

    I have 2008 Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder. I want to know what drives the shaft that drives the oil pump. I lifted the car, noticing a rough sound from the engine (like the pistons were grinding) and a oil light :(, I saw that the shaft was not moving, so no oil being circulated. I messed with it...