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  1. Gallardo
    Awesome diy from a mate of mine..
  2. Gallardo
    Hey everyone, we are new on the site as a sponsor. We are trying to create a variety of informative and overall entertaining content on YouTube to give insight on these cars. Our goal is to create DIY videos, buyers guides, reviews, tech information, market analysis, and perspective from a shop...
  3. Parts
    I have a full box of Oil for a Pre-LP Gallardo which I never used before I sold the car. I will get more details later when I am home but I believe I have 10 quarts. I will sell at half price of whatever is current retail, pick up only. Washington DC metro.
  4. Murcielago
    We wanted to thank Fred for purchasing our Murcielago HT300 clutch for his 2005 Murcielago with E-gear. Previously, he bought a clutch from another aftermarket clutch company which lasted only 4k miles. After reading and talking to a few of our customers, he decided to purchase our HT300...
1-4 of 6 Results