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  1. Lamborghini LDAS, LaRaAS 7.0 OEM diagnostic system for sale

    Hi , i have Lamborghini LDAS, LaRaAS 7.0 OEM factory diagnostic system for sale. I bought it for $8.500 a month ago to replace clutch of my 07 Gallardo located outside of US. Now i looking to sell it for $1000 less. The item located in Larchmont, NY.
  2. OBDII non-functional

    I have a 96 5.7 VT with an OBD II compliant nameplate in the engine compartment, but have been unable to get a reading off the OBD II port. Have tried several readers including 2 recommended by users of this site, but all I get is a "cannot link" notice on the reader. The units appear to try...