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  1. Diablo
    Hi everyone, I have come across a great set of manuals for diablo 99 which the seller is willing to part with for $3500. They are 5 sets of 3 inch thick binders which he says he bought for about $5000, 6 years ago. I have checked the prices on a couple of sites for the cd version and they are...
  2. Dreamers Forum
    Hello Lamborghini enthousiasts ! :wave: I have 2 questions, to which to I couldn't find an answer here yet between old topics. In a month I will hopefully get my 99 VT roadster after 10 years of searching for it. (aaaaaaa!!! can't sleep !) 1. Now this one has the "Sport Gear" option. And...
  3. General Lamborghini Related Discussion
    Lamborghini Supercars Collection "Cold Case Linked" Biggest Crime Syndicate FBI Case Sensational new revelations now unfolding in American and British media reports on the massive Carroll Maryland Trust national security case has revealed that the UK Attorney General Dominic Grieve is...
  4. Lamborghini Video Links
    This is a site you don't see every day: 12 Lamborghini Countaches lined up, as well as Diablos, a Jalpa, Urraco, Espada, LM002, Ferrari's, and lots of the current models. The 3rd video shows the cars leaving the show, LOTS of amazing sounds! Chris
  5. Hi Tech Exotic
    To all you guys I know there are other threads out there regarding clutch replacement on the Gallardo. I can highly recommend Sean @ Hi Tech Exotics on his very well manufactured Kevlar clutch assembly. The clutch replacement took about 7 days from time of order and shipped to Australia straight...
  6. Lamborghini Events
    Hi At long last the official video is now up and live on youtube. For those who don't know me I am the person in the High Visibility Shirt! Hope you enjoy it and see you all next year. We had 13 Lambos there this year and would be good to see double that number next year! Paul & the team xx
  7. Classifieds
    This is the first car I owned and is fully paid for. its a 94' diablo with about 39k on it. I want something more economical. I have been told many different things about selling a lambo. I was first just going to trade it in but my friend told me they would eat me alive at the dealership and I...