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  1. Diablo
    Hello guys, I am looking to get a new strut for the door. I found one on, but that is $110 + shipping with a long lead time due to being shipped from Italy. Does anyone have a better place to order from?
  2. Diablo
    I posted last year looking for an off-market Diablo and didn't find what I was looking for. Instead, I purchased an extremely rare spec'd 6 speed gated Ferrari F355 GTS with the unobtanium carbon fiber sport seats. Based on my research and looking through the F355 Registry, I believe my spec...
  3. Diablo
    Hi Everyone, Like many others, the Diablo was my poster car when growing up and I'm now in the market to purchase one (most likely RWD/VT). I'm only interested in an off-market car where I can have it professionally inspected prior to the purchase. Please send me a message if you're...
  4. Lamborghini Video Links
    Hope this isn't a repost, couldn't find an earlier thread of this. Just thought I'd share this recording I found of the factory from 1992, I enjoy seeing insiders like this and it's nice to look back in time. Heck, I wasn't even alive then.. Languages are Italian and Japanese only.
  5. Parts/Other For Sale or Wanted
    Lamborghini Exhaust - Stainless Steel Mounting Upgrade for 400251393A Fitted on most Countach , Diablo , Espada , Gallardo , Jalpa , Jarama , LM002 , Murcielago We have now managed to machine and manufacture these upgraded mounts entirely in the UK and can offer them at half the cost of buying...
  6. Parts/Other For Sale or Wanted
    WTB Diablo doors
  7. Classifieds
    Looking for a well kept example - please reach out if you have one for sale or know of one. Willing to pay a finders fee.
  8. New Member Introductions
    Hello Everyone. Im new here to the forum. I am a long time Lamborghini fan and I am looking to join the lamborghini community and buy my first. I am looking to buy an early 2wd Diablo in Black. I am located in Northern California. I would like a car that is in excellent condition inside and...
  9. Model Specific Discussions
    Off a 99 Vt
  10. Parts/Other For Sale or Wanted
    Original Steel rear deck lid. Asking $550 2. Original Side Skirts in very repairable condition. . $1500
  11. Diablo
    Hi guys, Doing some research on the Diablo SV Monterey Edition. Wanted to see if I could confirm that the wheels on the car attached below are in fact the factory Monterey edition wheels and not the wheels from the normal 98' SV. Also, would like to know if all of the examples came from the...
  12. Diablo
    I was driving up towards the alps ( San Bernadino pass). On my way up there I got misfire on the left engine ( codes read misfire 6+7+9+11 I think). Quite bad. Thought first is was a loose cable or something ( but because more cylinders were involved it was not likely to be a fault on a singel...
  13. Hi Tech Exotic
    We wanted to thank Chris for purchasing our Gallardo Kevlar clutch. Chris wanted to get a clutch that lasts longer than a stock clutch and drives like an OEM clutch. We told him that our HT300 Kevlar clutch lasts 300% longer than a stock clutch. So he decided to get our HT300. Since HT300 last...
  14. Hi Tech Exotic
    We wanted to thank John for purchasing our Kevlar clutch for his 2006 Gallardo. His clutch was almost worn and he wanted to get a clutch that would last a long time. When we talked he told us that he will never sell his Gallardo and he will leave it to his kids and that's why he got the HT300...
  15. Hi Tech Exotic
    We wanted to thank Tim at Underground Racing for choosing our Kevlar clutch for their customer with their Twin Turbo Murcielago LP640 kit. As you all know, Underground Racing makes one of the best TT kits in the world with amazing horsepower and with numerous records. To handle all this...
  16. Hi Tech Exotic
    We wanted to thank Henry for purchasing our Kevlar clutch for his Twin Turbo project. He had bought a SPEC clutch but John, who had issues with a SPEC clutch, warned him how undriveable it is. So Henry bought our clutch. We also wanted to thank John for possibly saving Henry from having...
  17. Diablo
    Seems this yellow Diab is always in a bad fix. Can anyone shed light on this problem, maybe someone here's had it before? To sum up the video, there's a mechanical issue with Dahm's '01 (Audi) VT. One side of the exhaust is much hotter than the other, the check...
  18. Hi Tech Exotic
    We wanted to thank Lamborghini Vancouver for installing our Hi Tech Exotic Murcielago LP640 Kevlar clutch. We also wanted to thank Mike at MW Design for purchasing our Murcielago LP640 Kevlar clutch. He wanted to get a clutch that lasted longer than the stock clutch since his stock clutch didn't...
  19. Cars For Sale or Wanted
    Looking for 03-06 murcielago or any diablo needing major mechanical repair (engine/trans/diffs etc...) max budget around 60K for murcie, or 60k-100K on the diablo depending on the type of car and repair needed. No structural/frame damage and clear title only. call/txt 6159474985 (Julian)
1-20 of 93 Results