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  1. Model Specific Discussions
    Off a 99 Vt
  2. Parts
    Original Steel rear deck lid. Asking $550 2. Original Side Skirts in very repairable condition. . $1500
  3. Diablo
    Hi guys, Doing some research on the Diablo SV Monterey Edition. Wanted to see if I could confirm that the wheels on the car attached below are in fact the factory Monterey edition wheels and not the wheels from the normal 98' SV. Also, would like to know if all of the examples came from the...
  4. Diablo
    I was driving up towards the alps ( San Bernadino pass). On my way up there I got misfire on the left engine ( codes read misfire 6+7+9+11 I think). Quite bad. Thought first is was a loose cable or something ( but because more cylinders were involved it was not likely to be a fault on a singel...
  5. Diablo
    Seems this yellow Diab is always in a bad fix. Can anyone shed light on this problem, maybe someone here's had it before? To sum up the video, there's a mechanical issue with Dahm's '01 (Audi) VT. One side of the exhaust is much hotter than the other, the check...
  6. Cars
    Looking for 03-06 murcielago or any diablo needing major mechanical repair (engine/trans/diffs etc...) max budget around 60K for murcie, or 60k-100K on the diablo depending on the type of car and repair needed. No structural/frame damage and clear title only. call/txt 6159474985 (Julian)
  7. Dreamers Forum
    When I was 4, I moved to the United States. Until then, the most exotic car my family had ever heard of was Ferrari. One of the first major luxuries I ever got in my childhood was the N64 with the Lamborghini game. I remember going around the first track in the Countach, just blown away by...
  8. Diablo
    Hi, I'm working on a reproduction of some stickers for a customer and I need dimensions. Can someone help me? Cheers!
  9. Lamborghini Video Links
    20 years ago I have a chance to sit in my dream car. 20 Years later I have a chance to buy that very car. A story of Man and his passion for his Diablo.
  10. Cars
    Do you think prices on diablo models will go up or down in the next year ?
  11. Cars
    My budget is $120K, I am looking for a Diablo. Clean title. Doesn't matter year or model. Any advice?
  12. Diablo
    Does anyone know anything about the rarity of this car and what its value should be. Documentation on the car showing 577HP and 213 MPH. It was featured in the August 2000 Sports Car International magazine. Nice article about Burtoni and this specific car. It is asked on the front cover "Worlds...
  13. Exotic Clutch Technologies
    I keep most of the summaries of many of our various projects limited to our Facebook page, so if you're not already one of the 21,000+ folks keeping up with us on there, you can click that link to take a peak. We wrapped up 2014 as another record year, so thanks for all of you guys support...
  14. Murcielago
    Gentlemen, I am offering for sale my 2003 Murcielago with 24k miles. It has many impressive upgrades, mainly which are wheels, Maranello custom exhaust, a custom stereo, and window tint. A recent fresh clutch and new rear tires have also been added. Full complete maintenance records come with...
  15. Parts
    Lamborghini Gallardo Wheels and Tires Lamborghini Gallardo Wheels and tires for sale. Wheels have minor marks as shown in photos. They are sizes 19x8.5 Front and 19x11 Rears. They are Gloss Black. The tires on this set are Pirelli P-Zero Corsas sizes 235/35/19 Front and 295/30/19 Rears. D.O.T...
  16. Exotic Clutch Technologies
    We've been on a roll the last two weeks with Gallardo clutch sales, Murci clutch sales, some random builds, more bespoke x-pipe exhaust goodness, and helping out more folks as a one-stop shop for their ancillary OEM parts needs with plenty of $$ savings there. Anyways, here are some pics from...
  17. Exotic Clutch Technologies
    One thing I haven't been on a roll with the past couple of months has been making posts in our section of the forum. Some things we have been on a roll with are ECT clutch assembly sales, especially for Gallardo's lately, as well as OEM parts sales. So, below are some random pictures from...
  18. Diablo
    Unfortunately I'm not a Lamborghini owner, yet :), but I had the privilege of shooting some photos of this Diablo roadster and thought the Diablo fans here may enjoy them. You can check out the full set here.
  19. Parts
    I have available both left hand front and right hand front oem exhaust manifolds. Shorty header type. fit 1998-2001 diablos They have been pressure tested to ensure they are not leaking. they are in good working condition. Pm for pricing
  20. Exotic Clutch Technologies
    Sorry for not taking the time to update the forum as consistently as has been done in the past. The good news is, it comes as a result of crushing it in business the last few months. So, a big thank you to all of our awesome customers for that! It seems the average invoice these days includes...