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  1. Tools, Equipment, and Cleaning
    I was initially going to add to a thread where someone posted that ceramic coating is witch craft or voodoo or something like that. So, I ran a search for the word "witch" and was shocked how many times the word witch is used for which! If, for example, you are choosing between options you...
  2. Tools, Equipment, and Cleaning
    I’m used to using a foam gun and a lot of water to clean my cars. How will I have to deal with the engine bonnet? Will I need to learn the waterless method is washing? Thanks!
  3. Tools, Equipment, and Cleaning
    I’m curious how you all chose to protect your Lambo. You may select more than one choice. I’m likely going front PPF and ceramic but am quite frankly wondering how these paint jobs hold up when going without anything or with ceramic only. If you went with ceramic only please share how your front...
  4. Tools, Equipment, and Cleaning
    I have a lp560 in metallic black and was curious as to what I would need to get a good detail, clay bars for the wax, tire dressing, etc. Its something I want to do for more of meditation purposes and was curious what products would be good to use and that would not wear down on the leather...
1-4 of 4 Results