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  1. General Lamborghini Related Discussion
    Hint: It will cost you a little extra in the Lambo world. Color Research USA Today
  2. Aventador
    I am in the market to buy a new Aventador in the US. The main factor that could sway me either way is resale value. I have never owned any Lamborghini and I do not know anyone who does. At the moment I am trying to decide between: - an Aventador Miura edition - I understand this is just...
  3. Huracan
    Hello there, my name is Tanbir Nandra and I am a new member to this forum. With that being said, I hope that this forum will welcome me! Onwards, the topic in question for me is the depreciation of the Lamborghini Huracan. I am a prospective buyer, mainly for the second-hand market. I am...
  4. Huracan
    First post on this forum :wave:, wanted to inquire on what sort of prices I should expect when shopping for a Huracan. I'm seeing a lot of people say that the dealers are accepting 15k off or similar amounts. The exact car in question is a black on black 2015 with 1k miles. Its list price is...
  5. Dreamers Forum
    Im only 16 right now and I plan on becoming a dentist. My dream is to buy a Lambo so I was wondering if by 2025(presumably when I start looking to buy a Lambo) would there be any Lambo's that depreciate to $150,000 or under? Like maybe a Aventador or Huracan or any other Lambo that comes out in...
  6. Aventador
    Hello everyone, thinking about trading in my Gallardo for 2013-2014 Aventador. Will probably keep for 1-1.5 years, how bad would depreciation be? Would you rather fully buy it, lease it, or finance it? Thanks!
  7. General Lamborghini Related Discussion
    Hey everyone, Long time reader and first time poster. So here is the deal. I wanted to get either a Gallardo or a Murcielago in the <140K range. However, I wanted to drive it for about ~6 months. A little background. I am 63 years old and live in NC. So you only pay vehicle tax for a year. I...
1-7 of 7 Results